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Hygiene keyboards in the hospital

Simply disinfect the keyboard and mouse completely

In health care, people and their health comes first. In our country we have one of the best health care facilities in the world: Great technical know-how, the best training and a hygiene standard that is second to none. A lot of money is invested in new technologies and state-of-the-art hospital equipment. However, you cannot buy an important, scarce resource: time. Sufficient time for people and for care is one of the most important goods that make a healthcare facility not only good, but really outstanding.

Save time in healthcare

Hygienical keyboards save timeHygienic keyboards allow more time for patient care. But how can the scarce commodity “time” be saved so that it can be used where more is urgently needed? With hygiene keyboards and mice from [megAsept], the complete cleaning of input devices becomes child's play. The sealed housings can be completely immersed in water or disinfectant. Spray and wipe disinfection is also possible. The time saved for really hygienic cleaning is enormous and cannot be compared with a conventional keyboard. In addition to the significant time savings, the improved hospital hygiene speaks in favor of the keyboards from [megAsept] medical computing.

Fully sealed keyboard - just disinfect

Hygiene and disinfection have not only been important issues in the health sector since Covid-19. Hospitals, clinics, medical practices and care facilities rely on sustainable hygiene concepts to protect staff and patients as best as possible from germs, bacteria and viruses. In the increasingly digital hospital, hygiene plans have long also included the various computer input devices. Cleaning and disinfecting keyboards is more important than ever. If doctors and nursing staff use computers in their work, they must be sure that they are using hygienically sound input devices. In the [megAsept] medical computing series, there are different keyboards to choose from, all of which are particularly easy to clean. In addition to the fully sealed silicone keyboards, there are completely flat glass keyboards. A “normal” keyboard, the interior of which is protected against the penetration of germs according to IP65, is also part of the program. Thanks to their on / off switch, the [megAsept] keyboards can remain plugged into the computer for cleaning.

All hygiene keyboards of the [megAsept] series are equipped with the German QWERTZ key layout. Other keyboard layouts are possible, please contact us if necessary. In the case of additional purchases, we grant volume discounts, we will be happy to make you an offer.

More hygienic writing with silicone keyboards

silicone keyboards for medical facilitiesPrevious writers in hospitals swear by the silicone keypads from [megAsept]. These hygienic keyboards combine very good typing properties with a high standard of hygiene. The silicone keyboards for healthcare facilities are available in different designs. With backlight, touchpad or numpad, the hygienic keyboards master any requirement with ease.

Silicone keyboard with numpad + touchpad: HYSILK107TGE

Silicone keyboard with Numpad + backlight: HYSILK106BL & HYSLIK108BLT

Silicone keyboard with numpad + touchpad + backlight: HYSILK110BLT

Square silicone keyboard with touchpad: HYSILK97

Compact silicone keyboard: HYSILK98

Best hygienic properties: glass keyboards

Glass keyboard - completele clean within a moment

Our glass keyboards are designed for use in particularly hygienic environments. They are completely flat and work with sensor technology. This means that there are no spaces between the keys in which germs, viruses or bacteria could settle. This makes complete disinfection particularly easy. The typing experience is completely different than on a conventional keyboard, because the design means that there is no normal key press. Haptic feedback can be activated at the push of a button. Our [megAsept] glass keyboard is available as a wired and wireless version (WiFi / Bluetooth).

Now available: The [megAsept] touch GLASS mini glass keyboard. A compact glass keyboard without a touchpad / numpad.

Simply disinfect: silicone mice from [megAsept]

Medical panel PCs are often equipped with touch screens. Nevertheless, a computer mouse is also often used in order to be able to work faster and more comfortably. The [megAsept] medical computing collection also contains a selection of fully sealed computer mice to match the hygiene keyboards. The [megAsept] computer mice also score with their very good hygienic properties. As with the computer keyboards, all hygiene mice are completely sealed and therefore waterproof. They can be immersed in water / disinfectant or cleaned with spray and wipe disinfection. 

Silikonmaus einfach vollständig reinigenHygiene mouse with removable scroll wheel: Unotron MA12

Hygiene mice, silicone mice with integrated scroll pad: HYSILKME10 & HYSLIK55

Are you planning to equip your facility with new input devices - and you are not yet sure which one suits you best? We will be happy to provide you with devices for test purposes, just contact us.

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