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Centre Hospitalier der Luxembourg

Medical Panel PC: IoT in the Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg

The Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg (CHL) plays a leading role in the medical field in Luxembourg. Divisions such as pediatric surgery, the department for premature babies or neurosurgery, oncology and the focus on infectious diseases such as AIDS are of national importance. The technical equipment with hygienic, high-performance IT material also plays a major role. As early as 2008, the CHL obtained the first fanless panel PCs from Germany-based Megabyte Systemhaus GmbH. This marked the start of a close collaboration that has intensified over the years.

Trustful cooperation for 13 years

“In 2008 we purchased our first Advantech Panel PC from Megabyte. Back then the 19" version, the Advantech POC-S196," remembers Eric Weber. The Advantech POC-S196 impressed as a medical panel PC, which was both: technically state-of-the-art and also tooking into account the hygienic features that are important in a hospital. They score not only with the use of modern and fast chipsets, graphics cards and memory, but also with very good hygienic properties. The fanless design of the Advantech Medical Panel PCs not only ensures extremely quiet operation, it also offers no entry for dust and dirt inside the device.

In the years that followed, the clinic continued to upgrade and gradually equipped numerous areas with additional fanless panel PCs. “The Medical POC series from Advantech can be configured very variably. They are therefore suitable for a large number of application scenarios in the medical environment, including standards such as DICOM, PACS or RIS. The optional equipment with a touchscreen is very interesting for operating rooms, for example, ”explains Ulrich Schröter, Managing Director of Megabyte Systemhaus GmbH. The CHL has meanwhile equipped all intensive rooms with the fanless medical panel PCs. But Advantech POCs are also used in other areas such as neonatology. The hospital regularly exchanges old devices for newer versions in order to always be in line with the latest technology.


“Working with Megabyte is refreshingly straightforward. When we need something, we get it. We are always proactively offered test positions, ”says Eric Weber happily. “Most recently, Ulrich Schröter sent us an IT wards trolley with an integrated 24/7 battery to try out. The testers are more than enthusiastic about it and would not want to be without it anymore. "

A detailed test is carried out before the order is placed

At the Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg, selected departments first receive the latest equipment to put it through its paces. “Our 'beta testers' always enjoy looking at new things. Their judgment is very important for us when it comes to procurement: only what is good and useful for them in the test will be ordered, ”says Eric Weber, describing the procedure. Megabyte is happy to meet this requirement and regularly provides the CHL with the latest devices for detailed tests - free of charge, of course. The test period is variable and is based on the requirements of the hospital.

“Of course, you also have to keep an eye on the budget when it comes to the technical equipment. A medical panel PC is significantly more expensive to buy than a conventional laptop, for example. But we are really very satisfied with the medical devices from Advantech with the performance and also from a hygienical point of view, ”explains Eric Weber. Eric Weber sees the conversion of authentication from SSO to RFID as the next project. The Medical Panel PCs from Advantech are already well equipped for this task.

Hygiene keyboards & mice throughout the CHL

With the Covid-19 pandemic, the hygiene measures have once again tightened significantly. In the past, cleaning and disinfection were carried out often and according to plan, but these activities are even more important today. That is why the company is committed to hygienic keyboards. After an extensive test phase, the glass keyboard [megAsept] TOUCH Glass was introduced in many areas. This keyboard is one of the highest quality and most hygienic input devices thanks to its completely smooth surface. The fully sealed MA-12 hygiene mouse was also very well received and is now used throughout the CHL, including many offices.

About the Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg (CHL)

The Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg (CHL) is an acute hospital that focuses in particular on acute illnesses, serious illnesses, surgical and medical emergencies and the intensive care unit. In addition, it acts as a university hospital and has been recognized by the Saarland University as an "Academic Teaching Hospital of the Saarland University" since 2008. It employs almost 2,500 people, making it tenth among the companies based in Luxembourg as an employer.

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