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Medical Mini Computer Avantech PIN-M106 Universitätsklinikum Magdeburg
Medical Mini Computer Avantech PIN-M106

Mini PC PIN-M106 in intensive care

About the University Hospital Magdeburg

The University Hospital Magdeburg is the largest hospital in the administrative district of Magdeburg. Equipped with around 1,200 beds, more than 43,000 patients are treated in hospital every year. If one adds the numerous outpatient treatment cases, about 150,000 treatments are produced annually. Currently, 21 institutes and 24 clinics belong to the University Hospital Magdeburg.

Integrated solution

The aim was to create a new solution for bed-related documentation on ward and intensive care (ICU) with display of the electronic patient record. In addition to vital data and nursing planning and / or documentation, various information from subsystems such as PACS, laboratory, mibi, pathology etc. should also be displayed. For the nursing management, a practice-oriented solution was particularly important, which allows easy access to the stored patient data and at the same time can be easily updated. At the same time, the hospital was anxious to find a solution for which no additional technical staff had to be hired and which required only minimal cleaning and maintenance.

The following criteria also flowed into the decision:

  • Windows operating system
  • Hygiene standards are adhered to (antiseptic, dust and water proof)
  • Low noise, small construction
  • Easily accessible interfaces
  • Easy on-site installation


The installed system

Finally, the Advantech PIN-M106 Medical Mini PC was chosen for use in approximately 60 intensive care patient beds. The reasons for the choice included the small, fanless design of the mini-computer and the classification as a medical computer (with certifications according to UL60601-1 / EN60601-1, CE & FCC Class B) and galvanically isolated interfaces. The water- and dust-proof housing can be easily and completely cleaned by the hospital staff. High-resolution displays are required for use in the intensive area, while at the same time offering a broad viewing angle - the PIN-M106 is ideally suited for controlling these. At the same time, the mini-computer fulfills the hospital's requirement to occupy as little space as possible and to work quietly.


The University Hospital Magdeburg is pleased with the introduction of the PIN-M106, which fulfills all regulations of the hospital. The costs of cleaning and maintenance could be clearly reduced, additional technical staff was unnecessary. The accumulation of dust near the patient beds of the intensive care unit could be reduced.

Both patients and nurses benefit from the new medical mini-computer. The complete system proved to be practical and easily integrated into the hospital network. Electronic patient data can now be called up quickly, local systems can be addressed directly, and vital data and documentation can be displayed at any time.

The benefits of using the Medical Mini-PC PIN-M106 at a glance:

  • Better efficiency
  • Medication errors are reduced
  • Patient data is better protected
  • Any maintenance work will be reduced

University Hospital Magdeburg a. ö. R. (external link, german)

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