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Smooth hygiene keyboard, medical keyboard

Megasept touch GLASS - glass keyboard

megAsept touch GLASS Glastastatur
Megasept touch GLASS
megAsept touch GLASS Glastastatur  2
Megasept touch GLASS

Our new glass keyboard for hygienically sensitive areas - medicine, care, food technology and much more.

  • Can also be used with medical gloves or wet fingers
  • Keyboard with capacitive switching foil technology
  • Integrated touchpad that can be switched on at the push of a button
  • Key lock function (cleaning button)
  • Acoustic and haptic feedback can be adjusted when the key is pressed
  • Liquid and dust resistant (according to IP65)
  • Suitable for hygienically sensitive environments (e.g. doctor's office, hospital, operating room)
  • Wired (USB), optionally available with WiFi + Bluetooth
  • Supported operating systems: Android, Windows and MAC OSX
  • Certificates: FCC, CE, ROHS
  • Available with QWERTZ and AZERTY keyboard layout

Smooth, medical keyboard with high typing comfort

The touch-sensitive keyboard is equipped with capacitive switching foil technology and high touch sensitivity. Haptic and acoustic feedback also improves the feel of input on the hygienic keyboard. The glass surface of the hygienic glass keyboard is hardened (not etched). It therefore has increased mechanical resistance for bending fracture, impact and shock resistance and is particularly resistant to temperature changes.

Hygiene keyboard with numpad and touchpad

The numeric keypad of the MegAsept touch GLASS Keyboard can be switched to a touchpad at the touch of a button. The keyboard can therefore replace a mouse if necessary. Of course, the glass keyboard can also be operated with wet fingers or disposable gloves. The key lock button allows the keyboard to be cleaned even when it is switched on. This makes cleaning even quicker and more convenient. The labeling on the keyboard is optimized for intensive use and frequent cleaning of the keyboard and is therefore abrasion-resistant.

Suitable for particularly sensitive hygiene areas

The MegAsept touch glass keyboard is particularly suitable for hygienically sensitive areas such as hospitals, doctor's offices, food technology and much more. Of course, other industries also benefit from the very good cleaning properties that their hygiene keyboard offers, e.g. B. use in the workshop or in the warehouse.

The glass keyboard is delivered as standard in the QWERTZ layout (German keyboard layout). Alternatively, delivery in AZERTY layout (Belgian/French keyboard layout) is possible. Other keyboard layout when ordering 20 pieces or more, delivery time approx. 6 weeks.

Please note: The keyboard is completely flat on its surface and responds using touch technology. 10-finger typing with multiple fingers placed on the keyboard is NOT possible!

Test the hygienic glass keyboard now

Use our contact form and order your test copy for viewing today. Please contact us for further information.

Glass keyboard without touchpad / numpad

Are you looking for a hygienic keyboard but don't need an integrated touchpad/numpad? Our [megAsept] touch GLASS mini glass keyboard will delight you. Visit the product data sheet here or contact us for more information.

Material glas surface
Touchpad yes
Numpad yes
Backlight no
Corded yes
Wireless yes
Certifications IP65, FCC, CE, ROHS


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